Q: How do I book a skip?

A: Ring 9580-4842 and speak to a staff member to organize your delivery.

Q: How much notice is required to book a bin?

A: Mostly 24 hours, but if you call us early, usually we can deliver the same day, depending on availability, location and delivery schedules.

Q: How do I pay for the skip?

A: Visa, MasterCard or Cash at the time of booking (conditions apply).

Q: Are there extra charges?

A: Please refer to the Skips & Bins page for extra charges information.

Q: Can I change or cancel my bin?

A: 2 hours notice is required to cancel a bin. If a bin has been arranged to be delivered before 9am you must contact the office by close of business the day prior.

Q: How long can I have the bin for?

A: Generally up to 5 days although longer terms are available upon request.

Q: What happens if asbestos is found in my bin?

A: Large penalties and fees will apply to anyone placing asbestos in our bins. This also applies when tipping waste at Kingston Waste Transfer Station. We have 24 hour monitored security cameras operating to assist with identification of the offending vehicle.

Q: Can you supply Recycle Certificates?

A: Yes we can via our Recycling Plant at Kingston Waste Transfer Station. Your loads are monitored for weight and content and a certificate can be issued stating what you have brought in for recycling.
We can monitor specific materials if you put in dedicated bins at your site, say exclusively for dirt or wood etc.

Q: Do you have waste management contracts?

A: Yes we provide contract waste removal on an ongoing basis for commercial organizations such as Factories, Warehouse, Offices, Sporting Clubs, Government Departments, Building Managers, Building Contractors, Shops and Shopping Centres throughout Melbourne and the metropolitan regions.

Q: What size do I need?

A: Call us on 9580-4842, or refer to our Bins & Skips page for more details.

Q: When and Where?

A: Deliveries are from Monday to Saturday. Remember bins on nature strips or roadways require Council permits. Bins in driveways don’t require permits. (Trucks enter at owner’s risk).

Q: Is GST included?

A: GST is applicable to all bins hired.

Q: Can I nominate a specific time for delivery and/or collection?

A: We will make every effort to deliver to your schedule. However, in busy times delays are to be expected.

Q: How full can I fill the bin?

A: Bins loads must not be filled above the sides of the bin. OH&S and Vic Roads regulations prohibit us from transporting overloaded bins. Bins must be covered and tied down in a safe and secure manner. Overloading with incur additional charges.

Q: Do I need a permit?

A: If your bin is on your property, then generally you will not need a permit. However if your bin is on the nature strip or roadway then most councils will require a permit. Permit costs vary from council to council and can be organized by our friendly staff.

Q: Can I set up an account?

A: Yes we do offer accounts to customers. Just contact our staff and we will send you an account application.

Q: How do I measure a cubic metre?

A: Simply measure the length of the pile of rubbish x the height of the pile of rubbish x the width of the pile of rubbish. Or, if you can imagine how much space the average family car takes up and fitting all your rubbish into this space then you would have about 6-7 cubic metres.

Q: Do you recycle?

A: Yes, wherever possible. Some materials however, reach their end of cycle and unfortunately cannot be recycled at present. For example, timber laminate with glue. At present, some examples of the items we recycle include timbers, steel, cardboard, plastic and polystyrene, rubber, fabric, green waste, bricks, concrete and soil.